D+M Metal Products Is Hiring


The economy of the past two years has been a true rollercoaster ride, but, throughout the pandemic, we at D+M Metal have never closed. We remain on the job and continue to provide fabricated products to the partner companies we work with. Currently, D+M Metal Products is hiring, and we are looking for workers for our team. We do invest in our team members and would like to hear from you if you think metal fabrication sounds like a good fit for you. 

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into some industries, very unfortunately. However, since metal fabrication is necessary to produce so many different products, from OEM parts to the point-of-purchase displays used in groceries and big box stores everywhere, we have been very busy. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have needed new types of equipment used for cleanroom products and patient care. We’ve also been busy making parts for the fulfillment economy, specifically the conveyors used in Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers

Of course, the work we do depends on the quality of our workforce. Our employees are our best asset, and we could not do what we do without them. If you’ve never worked in metal fabrication, you may wonder what it can offer. In fact, this area of the economy has a bright future ahead

Manufacturing in Michigan has evolved far beyond automobile assembly. It offers different opportunities to all kinds of workers today. The training required is often less lengthy than a full college degree, and many people train while they are already working in their field. Since manufacturers need qualified and trained people to continue to grow, they are offering them many incentives to explore this field of work. 

D+M Metal Products cares about our employees, and we want them to succeed. We offer a tuition reimbursement program for employees who go back to school to improve their skill sets. For classes that are directly related to skills we need at our company, we pay 100% reimbursement. We see the training process as a partnership: our workers invest their time and their abilities, and we pay the tuition. This includes classes in welding, engineering, CAD, and programming classes. 

We are always looking for employees who will be honest, hard-working, and reliable because we work hard to meet our responsibilities to our customers. We especially want to attract people who ask themselves, “How can I improve?” People who invest in themselves, and who ask how they can learn more and do more are an asset, and we are happy to invest in them and reward them for their hard work with competitive benefits and compensation. 

If you are looking for a good job or a career in metal fabrication, please visit our Careers page or contact us to see if we have other openings. We are hiring, and we want to talk to people who show initiative and have useful skills and abilities, no matter what their background of previous work is. 


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