D+M Metal Products Seeks Motivated and Proactive Workers

Both the U.S. and the Michigan economy are stronger now than they have been, especially earlier in this decade. Unemployment is down significantly, and there is a demand for workers to fill positions in every industry nationwide. In Michigan, manufacturing companies are taking measures to find the skilled workers they need. Here at D+M Metal Products we are too. If you are wondering if working at D+M Metal would be a good fit for you, the below qualities are what we look for in an employee.

Like most companies, D+M Metal Products wants to hire employees who will be honest, hard-working, and reliable. We care about our employees, and we want them to succeed, but we also have responsibilities to our customers. That means we need to have people on our team who will come to work on time, who will be there every day working to the best of their ability, and who will take their work seriously. We need employees who are able to follow instructions, keep up with tasks, and take pride in their work so that the products and components we make will be of the highest quality. Our employees are our best asset as a company.

We look for people who ask themselves, “How can I improve?” Many people go to work and do their jobs as instructed. Far fewer people show the initiative to learn new skills on their own. We like to see employees who invest in themselves and who ask us how can they learn more, do more, and go further in our company.

For example, we have had employees who will come to us in management and tell us that they would like to learn a new skill. D+M Metal Products has a tuition reimbursement program for employees who go back to school to improve their skill sets. For classes that are directly related to skills we need in our business, we pay 100% reimbursement. We don’t expect our employees to do it all on their own. We view the improvement process as a partnership: they invest their time and their abilities. We pay the tuition. This would include classes in welding, engineering, CAD, as well as programming classes for all of our workers – both on the floor and in our offices.

We love it when we meet people who want to solve problems on their own and look for solutions others haven’t found yet. We want to partner with these people and help them to succeed. This is a win-win solution for employers and employees. Investing in people and not just equipment is a sound strategy for any company that wants to succeed.

If the above sounds good to you and you would like to explore working for us, please visit our Jobs page or contact us to see if we have other openings. We are always eager to talk to people who show initiative and have skills or abilities that would benefit our company. If you would like to grow in your career and take on personal responsibility for the work you do, D+M Metal Products may be the right company for you.


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