Material Handling Demand Rises due to the Pandemic

material handling

D+M Metal Products has been providing components for our material handling customers for many years. The demand for material handling systems has never been higher. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon and other retail suppliers had been developing convenient systems of ordering and delivery that were competing with in-person shopping. Since the pandemic, the demand for home delivery has increased dramatically. This trend is likely to continue even when social distancing is no longer necessary.

Material Handling in West Michigan

Last March Amazon Logistics opened a fulfillment center in Gaines Township. This is a 850,000-square-foot facility intended to employ 1,000 people. By the end of the year, because of demand, Amazon had opened another delivery station in Grand Rapids and had plans for two more, in Walker and Caledonia. The economy radically shifted during that period to accommodate people’s needs and their inability to freely circulate.

The products and groceries that people order online and that arrive at their front doors ship in planes, airplanes, and trucks and are stored and distributed via these centers. They are transported in these warehouses by automated guided vehicles or AGVs. Inside these facilities are conveyor systems that allow people to pack boxes quickly and efficiently. Those conveyor systems require fabricated components to operate. This is how D+M Metal plays its part in the fulfillment economy.

Producing Components for Material Handling Systems

These systems are made of smaller metal components. We create these for our customers using turrets for punching, lasers for cutting, and press brakes for forming. We also weld these components together robotically or manually.

Protecting both workers and product is vital for running a successful material handling business. Properly designed material handling systems eliminate unnecessary storage space and improve ergonomics. For the companies that use them, this means fewer accidents or injuries and less warehouse space to build or lease. Generic or badly designed handling solutions also result in damaged products.

When a customer comes to us with a specific need, we assist them by coming up with creative solutions that will ensure their designs will be maximally effective for their purpose. We have worked with a wide range of customers across material handling industries. This experience allows us to find a cost effective solution for any number of challenges.

If your company has a need for custom material handling components, we can fabricate them. D+M Metal Products has over 40 years of experience in metal fabrication. We continuously update our technology in order to add value to each step of the fabrication process. We know what it takes to assist equipment manufacturers in delivering an efficient material handling system.

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