Blanking and Machining

D+M’s blanking capabilities are essential for many metal fabrication processes. Our experienced staff is the key element in setting our blanking department above other metal fabricators. Let us save you time, money and energy by sending all of your metal projects to us. Our blanking equipment includes: shears, CNC turret punch presses, laser cutting and machining.


Our shears are capable of shearing up to ¼” material 10 feet long.  We have effective technology to meet the blank sizes and tolerances that your products require.

Turret Punching

Our turrets are capable of punching up to 144 inches long. We have a variety of machines from small, cost effective machines to faster hydraulic machines with the latest technology.

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¼” steel
  • Maximum tonnage – 30 tons
  • Maximum material sheet size before repositioning – 49” x 98”
  • Expected tolerance -  +/- .005

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting not only accurately and cleanly cuts through metal, it cuts down time as well. D+M was one of the first contract production companies in the area to invest in a Laser machine and it brought unprecedented increases in time and cost efficiency – allowing us to offer our customers advantages in both of those areas. We have two 4000W lasers to handle your cutting requirements.

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – 1” mild steel,  3/8” stainless
  • Maximum material sheet size – 60” x 120”
  • Expected tolerances –  +/- .005 short dist.     +/- .010 long dist.

CNC Machining

The addition of CNC machining capability in 2000 sparked the growth of D+M’s metal fabrication abilities beyond their core competency of welding. Since that time, CNC machining has become one of our staples and areas of expertise. We are continually adding new equipment with the latest improvements in the technology.

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