Value Engineering

At D+M Metal Products, engineering is not just a service we offer; it is a core element of our business. Our sales engineers will work with you or your engineers to:

Improve design performance

Reduce Costs

Transform Ideas into Products


Constructive criticism can save your project

It never hurts to have another pair of experienced eyes look at your design, and D+M engineers will always check a design before it goes into production. We have often noticed elements of a design that could be better or just won’t work properly. We will work with you to design a product and then stay with the project until successful completion.


Project management is the key to success

D+M will also take responsibility for meeting any deadlines that you have for your project. Management skills are crucial in organizing a timeline that corresponds to the demands of our customers and our customers’ customers. We have invested in both the tools and the training to make sure that communication runs so smoothly that everyone is aware of the deadlines and what it will take to meet them. Trust us to get the job done on time!

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