The Buist Family Celebrates 40 Years with D+M Metal Products!

In 1977 Dale Buist bought the assets of D&M Metal Products, and the company has been in the Buist family the forty years that have passed from that day until today. For this anniversary we thought we would share with you some of the highlights we have experienced in growing D&M from a small, struggling company to the thriving and successful business it is currently.


D&M Metal Products Company was originally founded in 1946. The D and M in the name stood for Davis and Moelker, the original owners. When Dale Buist purchased the company, it had 8 employees. Prior to this Dale had worked at a small sheet metal shop, so he had experience with this type of work. One of the changes he made in the business was the purchase of the company’s first Strippit HD30/40 and a Hurco backgage. The Strippit improved D&M’s hole punching capability away from drilling or a punch-press setup. The backgage enabled a faster setup and accurate repeat gaging for bending on our press brakes.

In 1982 Dale purchased an Amada press, a turret press that was the latest in close tolerance manufacturing for blanking parts. The efficiency and quality output these new pieces of machinery gave the company helped us to expand our customer base. As a result Dale hired Doug Parker, the company’s first designated salesperson.

By 1984 D&M Products had outgrown the 8,000-square-foot space we had in Standale, and the company moved to its current location on West River Drive in Comstock Park. We built on to the existing space before moving in, giving us 18,000 square feet to operate in. At this point in time, the office was in a separate building. In 1988 we added 6,500 square feet of space for a turret department. In 1994 we remodeled, incorporating everything into one large facility with 58,000 square feet of space.

Technology has changed a great deal since 1977. Our earliest investments in computerization were the purchase of Metalsoft programming systems in 1984 and a Microshop system in 1989. We purchased a Cincinnati laser machine in 1992. This machine had a shuttle table system that made it much more efficient to operate and increased our productivity significantly.

Sadly, Dale Buist passed away from cancer in 1997. The ownership of the company passed to his son, Bob Buist, at that time. Shortly afterwards, Bob purchased and implemented the JobBOSS computer system, two OTC Robots and a Romer CMM, as well as a Fryer Machining Center.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to change and develop, to take risks in expanding our building space, our equipment portfolio, and our employee base. As a result, D&M Metal is a very different company with far more capabilities than it had in our beginning years. We still hold to Dale Buist’s original drive and values, though. He was goal oriented, open to new technology, and willing to do what it took to make the company a success, and we are too.

Here’s to many more years in the metal fabrication business!

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