Meeting Medical Equipment Manufacturing Challenges

medical equipment

Earlier this year we reported on ways that D+M Metal was involved with providing solutions for the COVID-19 epidemic. Medical gear and equipment has been in high demand for obvious reasons, and many manufacturers have stepped up to provide it to our medical community. However, it’s true that even during more normal times, there’s also a consistent demand for medical products and components. We are happy to work with medical equipment manufacturers to provide the parts they need made with precision to specification.

Industry Standards for Medical Equipment

We are proud of all of the parts that we make. Our quality control program is rigorous and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It is true, however, that many types of medical equipment must be manufactured with extreme precision because if it fails, someone’s life or health could be at risk. A poorly made component can cause equipment to malfunction, which is why selecting an experienced metal fabricator is so important.

Whether your component designs are complex or simple, D+M Metal Products can produce them to your specifications and meet or exceed industry standards. Over the decades we’ve been in business, we have invested in both the equipment and the skilled workforce to create metal fabrications with the tight tolerances and precise dimensions medical equipment requires.  We can duplicate the same part quality from the first to last part we fabricate. Our staff can assist you with all the steps in the process, from design to production.

New advances in medical technology mean that manufacturers need to have equipment that can be adapted to produce new designs. We have acquired a large variety of machinery and tools over the years to keep up with the changing needs of manufacturing. Having the right equipment is crucial to being able to not only produce the necessary components, but to produce them efficiently with short turnaround times for our customers.

Some of the medical equipment we have produced include cabinetry and fabrications that are powder coated as well as a variety of stainless steel products and components that make up air purification devices.

Do you need medical components produced quickly, affordably, and to specification? D+M Metal can help. From the simple to the complex, we are able to work with your engineers and designers to come up with solutions that sell. Call us today for all of your medical equipment component needs.

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