Electronic Cabinetry for the Electronics Industry

electronic cabinetry

Does your company need electronic cabinetry made to specification? Design within the electronics industry is constantly changing as technology advances. Companies enhance their products to accommodate that evolution. D+M Metal Products’ team works with OEMs and tier 1 vendors to improve their metal fabrications to create more effective designs and cost reductions. The end result is a better product at a more competitive price. 

Fabricating Electronic Cabinetry to Specification

Electronic cabinetry is designed to both contain and protect the equipment within. Even the most basic of electronic products must be enclosed. Sheet metal enclosures have the advantage over plastic in that they act as a conductor of electricity. They are lightweight, non-corrosive, and strong – tough enough to withstand the industrial environment. 

Our process at D+M Metal is straightforward: we fabricate the cabinet, the metal enclosure. From there we can accommodate any specific customer needs. We can galvanize the chassis, zinc plate it, or powder coat it, depending on whether the end product will be visible or simply a part of a larger cabinet.

The equipment we have at our facility perfectly matches the cabinetry industry requirements.  We have a wide variety of standard tools that are used throughout electronics design. We use different types of metal material – from cold rolled steel to aluminum – to produce electronic cabinetry, based on the use it is intended for. We can provide cutting, stamping, bending, riveting, lathe, milling, powder metallurgy and other processing and assembly processes. 

We have produced cabinets in many sizes, from 8”x12” to 12”x12” to 20”x40” for customers who need repeat orders filled monthly, semi-annually, or annually. We can fabricate them in different thicknesses as well. If they need welding to attach any parts, we have that capability too.  

Our experienced engineering team will always check a design before it goes to production. We have been able to point out elements of a design that can be improved or point out potential problems before they cause expensive and time consuming delays.  We will work with you to design a product and then stay with your project until its successful completion.

We are proud of the work that we do for our customers in the electronics industry, and our ability to fabricate products that meet their specific needs. If your company needs electronic cabinetry produced, we would love to discuss your requirements and see how we can help meet them. Contact us today for more information specific to your project. 


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