West Michigan Is Producing Fabricated Products for Fighting Covid

fighting COVID

As the anniversary of the first COVID-19 shutdowns approaches, it’s good to look back to see how people responded in positive ways to the pandemic. While it has been a very challenging year for people all over the world, there have been moments that have highlighted human generosity and genius. And by creating solutions such as reworking machinery in order to produce PPE and creating filter systems for cleanrooms, our West Michigan community demonstrated their commitment and ingenuity in fighting the virus.

Fighting COVID

In one of our blogs last year we highlighted one project that D+M Metal Products was a part of. This was a robot developed by Skytron called the IPT 3000 that used ultraviolet light to stop the coronavirus from replicating itself. This technology has been used in hospitals for years, but it clearly has many more applications now, from workplaces to classrooms to prisons. The demand for spaces where the air is considered safe to breathe has gone through the roof in the past year, so this technology is very much needed.

There are other new solutions as well. Another product that was altered to curb the spread of COVID-19 indoors is a mobile air filtration system called Guardiair. Clean Rooms International took stock HEPA filters and reconfigured them to create a new product that minimizes airborne contaminants, including viruses. This allows hospitals to make isolation rooms from standard patient rooms and has many other applications much like the Skytron robot.

D+M Metal is a metal fabricator, so we create the fabricated products that go into the manufacturing of other whole products such as the IPT 3000. We have worked with a wide variety of manufacturers in a spectrum of industries to develop to specification the fabricated products they need to make medical equipment and other goods. We can also advise on designs and help to alter a part so that it’s maximally efficient and economical to produce. This is important for companies that have tight budgets or time constraints to manufacture specific products.

It’s encouraging to think that in a crisis people do not give up, but instead get creative. While the coronavirus pandemic was really tough, our businesses and our communities worked together to come up with solutions by modifying processes and products to make them capable of fighting COVID-19. That’s something to celebrate now in 2021.

If you have questions about a fabricated part that you need made in quantity, please call us at 616-784-0601. We would be happy to help you get your fabricated products to your customers with as few delays as possible.

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