Mobility Worldwide Does Great Work

Do you know about the good work Mobility Worldwide does on behalf of people who are unable to walk in the developing world? This is a wonderful organization focused on providing practical tools that allow disabled people to resume their lives, interact with the world around them, and become more independent.

What Is Mobility Worldwide?

Mobility Worldwide is a faith-based, volunteer-powered, humanitarian, and worldwide organization. Originally known as Personal Energy Transportation, Mobility Worldwide began in 1994 when Reverend Larry Hills, a missionary in what is now Congo shared with Reverend Mel West that there was a great need for wheelchairs for victims of polio and landmines. Mel discussed specifications for a three-wheeled, hand-cranked wheelchair with Earl Miner, a product designer and mission partner, and Earl began work on a prototype.

When Earl had developed that prototype, he sent four mobility carts to Larry for testing under the harshest conditions Larry could find. Larry had asked for a cart that could be used in rural areas without roads or sidewalks. The prototypes passed this test, so Mobility Worldwide shipped more mobility cart frames to Zaire where they were attached to wooden beds and distributed to those in need.

D+M Metal Products has been working with Mobility Worldwide since the design process of these carts began. We fabricate a front fork for their adult-sized cart and a child-sized cart. There is also a third style of cart that is designed for people who can’t maneuver the carts themselves and must be pushed by others. Currently they are developing a new style of cart that they hope will reduce the cost of shipping it worldwide.

mobility cart

Where Does Mobility Worldwide Help?

They help people who have lost the use of their legs through either disease or disaster in over 100 countries. An estimated 70 million people worldwide cannot walk. Mobility Worldwide has provided more than 73,000 of them with a mobility cart. They also collect canes, foldable walkers, crutches and wheelchairs to be refurbished and distributed to those in need.

The goal of this organization is to give the gift of mobility to all God’s people. They work with both religious and secular organizations to fundraise, create the components of the carts, assemble them, and distribute them to people who would otherwise have no way to move around.

We at D+M Metal think Mobility Worldwide has a great mission that should be supported. If you would like to provide any of your resources so they can gift mobility carts to people who cannot walk, they offer a number of ways to donate. Please check out the different types of carts they produce and the many, many success stories they share on their website.

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