Merry Christmas from D+M Metal Products!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Everyone’s favorite holiday is almost here, and though we are busy as a company, it’s a good time to review what we’ve accomplished in 2018. There were challenges we faced, improvements we made in how we operate as a company, and lessons we learned along the way. Looking back gives us a sense of accomplishment and also helps us to plan better for 2019 as a metal fabrication company.

One of the biggest challenges we faced this year was the effects President Trump’s tariffs had on imported steel and aluminum. As a result of these tariffs, prices on the metals we use to make all products for our customers increased. This was unfortunate. We couldn’t help it; all metal fabricators were in the same boat. We are grateful for the patience that the companies we work with showed us. In a situation like this it’s hard to know what the costs will be until the countries involved come to agreements and the market sorts itself out. We all have to adjust and make changes as best we can.

Throughout 2018 as a company D+M Metal retrained in the 5S system. 5S is “a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely.” We received an FMA safety award in 2017 as a result of our training and attention to procedures and surroundings. We want to make sure we continue to review and retrain so that we keep using best practices that ensure the safety of our workers and our productivity as a company.

The year has a certain rhythm to it in terms of what we do for and with our employees. This year we brought back our Lunch and Learn series in the summer. For this program we invited chaplains in to talk about issues that concern us all. This includes things like anxiety, family crises, and finances. Talking together or with a chaplain is good for all of our mental and social health, and it helps us understand each other and work together better.

To relax and enjoy ourselves, we had our company golf outing in September. We will also spend time celebrating the holiday together during our annual Christmas Lunch on December 21. This is always a good time.

The year closes out with one of the most profound holidays we have, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. When we gather together with our families and friends this Christmas, let’s remember the reason we are celebrating. It’s not about opening presents, eating good food, or even family time. It’s to remember that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and that he sent him to this very imperfect earth to live and die in order to redeem us. What a wonderful gift – the best gift of all.

We would like to thank our customers, our employees, and our community for what D+M Metal Products accomplished this year and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! We could not do what we do without you.

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