From Fabrication to Finishing: D+M Metal Can Provide It All

When people think of metal fabrication, they generally think of processes like cutting, welding, and forming sheets of metal. For most parts, the fabrication process doesn’t end there, however. Metal finishing services improve products’ functionality, durability, and aesthetics. In this blog we will explain what happens to parts during the finishing process and how D+M Metal provides these services to our customers. 

What Is Finishing?

Finishing is an important part of the fabrication process that occurs after the sheet metal part has been fabricated. There are different processes that parts undergo to be finished, including metal finishing, plating, and powder coating. These processes give parts of all sizes a functional or decorative advantage. 

At D+M Metal we can do the following in house: 

Metal fabrication – This can include laser cutting, blanking, machining, welding, brake press forming, and bending.  

Grinding – Putting parts through this process wears away any edges and smooths out surfaces that can be rough from processes like blanking and punching.

Vibratory finishing – Metal parts are put in vibratory tumblers with abrasive pellets that remove sharp edges and smooth imperfections for a better finish. 

From there, if the parts need plating, metal finishing, or powder coating, we will send them out to our trusted vendors so our customers receive a finished product without having to shop around and send them to multiple places. 

Powder coating is often used for household items as well as for OEM parts. It applies a decorative finish similar to paint but more long lasting. Metal finishing and plating are processes that apply a metal coating. These processes make products more resistant to scratching, corrosion, and fading, as well as more attractive to customers. 

When these parts return plated, finished, or powder coated from our vendors, D+M Metal does any necessary assembly work, adding parts like bolts and rollers as needed. We will also bag and label the parts for the customer before they are shipped. 

The Finishing Touches

Quality metal finishing will increase your product’s durability and aesthetics. There are many finishing options to consider for parts. Every company has to research their options, consider their budget and timeline, and then decide whether they want to involve multiple suppliers or choose a metal fabricator that can provide everything their parts need in one stop without any additional delays or hassles. 

D+M Metal Products is that fabricator. We are proud of the high quality, comprehensive metal fabrication work we have done for our customers for over 40 years. Working with other vendors, we can provide fully finished parts to our customers. Call us with any questions you have about metal fabrication as well as your surface or metal finishing needs. We would be happy to discuss how we can partner with you to provide the products you need to your exact specifications.




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