D+M Metal Is Investing in Team Building

team building

In a previous blog, we discussed the fact that D+M Metal has a core value of building relationships. We believe that this makes us a better company to do business with and for. We also believe that communication is greatly enhanced between people who understand and respect each other, so in 2020 we are adding an additional focus on team building among our workforce.

Why Is Team Building Important?

All industries run on cooperation between workers, but manufacturing has its own challenges. Production demand, a continuous emphasis on quality control, standardized work, endless regulation, and the effects of changes in politics and trade put stress on workers and the relationship between management and employees. It’s tricky to maintain the same quality and output when many of the inputs into the system are in regular flux. It requires excellent management and communication.

When workers know each other well, interact regularly with each other, and build relationships, a much greater trust and understanding is possible within the workplace. If communication is poor, resentments build, and negativity festers, and productivity lags. At D+M Metal our mission is ‘to develop and use our talents and resources to provide superior products and services while establishing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and community.’

Team Building Decreases Isolation

Technology has been a huge boom for manufacturing and our economy, but it has its downsides as well. One of the problems within today’s workspaces is that people are much isolated from each other because of technology. Once, before the age of mobile phones, workers spent time talking and interacting with each other on breaks or at lunch. They made friends at work who became friends outside of work. Those relationships helped them navigate both parts of their lives. Now too many of us are on our devices all of the time and do not pay attention to each other until we have to for our jobs.

Fostering a team mentality can help mitigate the effects of this isolation. We believe that focusing on team building will help us to develop and use our talents and resources because our workforce is our best resource and asset. We also hope that by building teams that work for and with each other, we will be able to encourage our employees to show initiative.

D+M Metal Products is always seeking motivated and proactive employees. We want workers who think for themselves and take steps to improve their skills and abilities. Team building works to encourage ideas, initiative and leadership. It leads to more opportunities and overall improvement. It also increases overall happiness and satisfaction. These are all goals for us both as a metal fabrication company and as individuals in a world that is changing all the time.

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