D+M Metal Can Help Bring Your Metal Artwork to Life

metal artwork

D+M Metal Products has partnered with many artists to create sculptures and other metal artwork. Our company has a number of very talented people who excel at the process, and we enjoy seeing our efforts become a small part of the local and national art community. If you’re an artist looking for a company to help you bring your artistic vision into being, D+M would like to offer you our experience and creativity.

Sculpture and Metal Artwork 

While most of the work that we do in metal fabrication involves making parts of varying sizes that will become a component of a larger object or piece of equipment, we also create large weldments and work with artists on sculptures and other creative projects. In many different mediums, artists can do all of the work themselves, but metal sculpture often requires custom metal fabrication. Public art installations typically involve a team of experienced people to create and install them.

Generally, artists are not experienced engineers, and they may have no direct experience with welding. Their part of the process involves creative thinking, imagination, and creating artwork that will resonate with its intended audience. This does not mean that they can’t create metal sculpture, but they need to work cooperatively with a metal fabricator to bring their ideas from paper into being. 

The Cooperative Artistic Process

A metal fabricator can assist the artist in much of the process, from initial conceptualization, engineering, cutting, shaping, positioning and welding, to polishing their sculpture to a mirror shine and, finally, assembling it and installing it in its intended location. Metal fabricators are great problem solvers, and there are a number of problems to solve in a typical large scale art project. We can help with that. 

D+M Metal Products has over 40 years of experience working with metal and has partnered with a number of artists over the years to create public and private art. We are located outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan where ArtPrize, an international art competition, encourages artists around the world to bring their visions into 2- or 3-D reality. The experience of walking through the city and seeing art exhibited in galleries, public parks and museums, on storefronts and on bridges is exciting and creatively stimulating. Art brings people together.  

Our core values center on developing our people and building relationships, and that extends to the artists who we partner with. We enjoy the collaborative process of transforming the vision into tangible metal artwork. We have the team, the facilities, and the tools to transform art on paper into stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and bronze. Contact us and let us know your idea for your sculpture project, and our metal craftsmen will help you build it.


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