In 1981 D+M purchased its first CNC turret press, since that time we’ve continued to add and update our turret press capacity.  Recently we added a new LVD V30 turret press to replace one of our aging Pega machines.  The increase in sheet size and speed improves our capacity without increasing the floor space required. 

At the same time we purchased a new LVD PPEC 7-axis press brake that replaces another aged out press brake.  The improvement in speed, multi axis gaging and quality also increases our ability and capacity in our press area.  By continuing to invest in new and updated equipment we are able to improve our quality and effectiveness to meet our customers’ requirements.

If you have specific questions concerning punching or forming technology at D+M please contact us at 616-784-0601 or via email [email protected] or visit our website at www.dmmetalproducts.com

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