A Chaplain Ministry Provides Critical Employee Support

In most businesses employees are a key resource, the lifeblood of the company and the ones who determine how – and if – the company is productive and profitable. People aren’t machines, however. They have lives outside of work and limitations on what they can do. Sometimes the challenges they have to deal with in their personal lives affect how well they function at work. This is why a chaplain ministry is valuable in the workplace. Giving employees access to a visible and available resource of personal care and support can make an enormous difference – for both the workplace and the employee.

Talking to Someone Helps

It may sound cliche, but talking to someone really does help most people who are going through problems. When people keep their feelings and problems to themselves, they often feel more isolated and helpless than they are. Men are much less likely to talk about their personal lives to anyone, including people in their families, so they may not realize that there are real benefits. Here are some:

Talking helps you sort through your feelings – Even if the situation doesn’t change at all, talking about it can help you to mentally process it. Talking allows you to let out negative emotions like fear or anger instead of holding them in and letting them rule you.

Talking helps put things in perspective – Sometimes problems, even relatively small problems can seem overwhelming until you’ve talked to someone who has gone through them or has a different viewpoint on what you’re going through. You may not be able to see clearly because of your emotional involvement, but someone else might.

Talking allows you to brainstorm – Talking is the first step in pinning down a problem and deconstructing it into small, more manageable pieces. If you’re talking to an objective person with experience solving problems like yours, you’ll be able to learn how other people have managed in similar situations. Then you’ll have a place to start doing something to solve the problem instead of being held hostage to it emotionally.

A Chaplain Ministry

For all the above reasons, D+M Metal Products offers our employees access to chaplains, and we encourage them to use this resource. This chaplain ministry is geared toward improving overall employee wellness. We invite trained chaplains in to give talks about life stress and managing personal problems. We also invite our employees to talk with these chaplains if they have issues they are dealing with. These issues might be:

  • Addiction
  • Elderly parents
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Finances
  • Grief/Loss
  • Faith
  • Physical health
  • Emotional health

They might talk about other topics too. All of these conversations are completely private and confidential. We don’t ask for specifics. We don’t judge, and neither do the chaplains. Our goal is to connect our employees up with people who can help them by recommending resources or services they can take advantage of.

People who are in the midst of personal crises need help. Metal fabrication is a male dominated industry filled with workers who may not be familiar with the resources available to them. That’s why D+M Metal brings chaplains into our workplace. We think of this chaplain ministry as a tangible benefit we can give to our employees. We also offer access to female chaplains for the women who work for us in our office and in the manufacturing area so they can feel comfortable and get the listening ear they need too. We are committed to being a business that treats our workers well, and this is one way we accomplish that goal.

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