D+M Metal Products has many different metal fabrication capabilities including:

Through the talent of our operators, welders and machinists, we can take on complex jobs that other job shops can’t handle. Take a closer look at how D+M works by clicking on the videos next to each process category. We have been in business for a long time, and all throughout we are constantly evolving as to how to best serve our customers and their changing needs.  Talk to an engineer to see how we can meet your needs.


D+M’s blanking capabilities are essential for many metal forming processes. Our experienced staff is the key element in setting our blanking department above other metal fabricators. Let us save you time, money and energy by sending all of your metal projects to us. Our blanking equipment includes: shears, CNC turret punch presses, laser cutting and machining.


Our shears are capable of shearing up to ¼” material 10 feet long.  We have effective technology to meet the blank sizes and tolerances that your products require.

Turret Punching

Our turrets are capable of punching up to 120 inches long. We have a variety of machines from small, cost effective machines to faster hydraulic machines with the latest technology.

Parma CNC Machine

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – 10 ga steel,  ¼” aluminum
  • Maximum tonnage – 20 tons
  • Maximum material sheet size – 50” x 50”
  • Expected tolerances –    +/- .005

LVD V30 CNC Machine

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¼” steel
  • Maximum tonnage – 30 tons
  • Maximum material sheet size before repositioning – 49” x 98”
  • Expected tolerance -  +/- .005

Global CNC Machine

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¼” steel
  • Maximum tonnage – 20 tons
  • Maximum material sheet size before repositioning – 49” x 98”
  • Expected tolerance -  +/- .005

Pega CNC Machine

  • One auto-loader capable of 48” x 96” sheets
  • Maximum tonnage – 30 tons
  • Maximum material sheet size before repositioning –  50” x 72”
  • Expected tolerances –   +/- .010
  • Pega CNC Machines

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting not only accurately and cleanly cuts through metal, it cuts down time as well. D+M was one of the first contract production companies in the area to invest in a Laser machine and it brought unprecedented increases in time and cost efficiency – allowing us to offer our customers advantages in both of those areas. Our current laser equipment and capabilities include:

 Gemini - (2)  most recent machine purchased in 2010

  • Maximum recommended material thickness – 1” mild steel,  3/8” stainless
  • Maximum material sheet size – 60” x 120”
  • Expected tolerances –  +/- .005 short dist.     +/- .010 long dist.

CNC Machining

The addition of CNC machining capability in 2000 sparked the growth of D+M’s metal fabrication abilities beyond their core competency of welding. Since that time, CNC machining has become one of our staples and areas of expertise. We are continually adding new equipment with the latest improvements in the technology.

Brake Press Forming/ Bending

Our metal forming department is second in size only to our welding department. We can do brake press forming or bending from 10-14 feet and up to 242 tons. As with all of our metal fabrication, the skill of our operators is one major factor that sets D+M apart from the competition. Our staff has an average experience of 10 years and our customers just keep coming back for more – 50% of our customers have been with us for over 10 years. The equipment we use includes:

HFB Brake 1 machine

  • Bed length – 14 ft
  • Maximum tonnage – 242 tons
  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¾”

Brakes –6 machines

  • Bed length – (1) 4 ft / (3) 6 ft / (1) 8ft / (1) 10ft
  • Maximum tonnage – 80 ton max
  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¼”

Giga-Bend / Folder – 2 machines

  • Bed length – 10 ft
  • Maximum recommended material thickness – ¼”  @ 10ft

PEM Insert machines – 3 machines


D+M’s welding capability has been one of our strengths for as long as we’ve been in business. Our welding specialists know all of our machines and their capabilities and we make sure that new hires go through our training program before starting work. We also periodically hold refresher courses to ensure that all of our staff can operate the welding equipment with the same level of expertise.  Our training program incorporates standard AWS procedures and we have certified some of our team to meet customer requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to do more difficult welding processes thanks to our welding staff and quality equipment:

Welding-MIG Equipment:

  • Two 110 Miller sidekicks
  • Nine  452 amp Heavy welders  14ga to Plate
  • Two 200 amp Light welders   20ga to 7ga

Welding-TIG Equipment:

  • Five syncrowave 351 Tig welders

Spot Welding Equipment:

  • Two Press-style Spot Welders
  • One Floor-mounted Rocker Arm Welder
  • OneHand-held Rocker Arm Welder
  • One multihead custom spotwelder

Robotic Welding Equipment

  • 3 machines with differing table sizes

Assembly and Finishing